Sunday, November 01, 2009

My room = store room

My brother said: "My sister sleeps in a store room."
Arg! Time to modify my room AGAIN! My room is my bedroom, study room, book room, craft room and my music room as well :( and it is 2.5m x 6m space only :(

To cut short the story.... My prayer to God yesterday was: "God, i wanna buy a basic bookshelf to put my crating tools and my budget is 220 ringgit (USD60) including shipment, can? please?" (i know 220/each is the price cause been doing some survey and the price is around 199-220 ringgit, excluding delivery)

God answered my prayer! He gave me double! I spent 218 ringgit (60USD) to get 2 huge bookshelves! Woohoooo!

I am quite happy for this result (with this kind of budget) and I am sure my Xiao Zong is happy with the result too. "Xiao Zong.... Am i right?"


Sl3epYbOnG said...


Rachfaith said...

haha, the first picture with xiao zong is like "mou ngan tai", and the second is like "i'm happy"

Agnes Sim said...

wow...u got a lot of stock le. jealous...hehe