Monday, February 02, 2009

Meaning of My Name

I came across this question when I study about the woman in the bible: Sarah. 

"Both Sarai and Sarah mean "princess," revealing Sarah's place as a mother of a nation. Do you know the meaning of your name? What significance does its meaning have for you?"

I was sad - because I never spend time think of the meaning of my name. I know people called me Ma-Ling-Su (which means potatoe in Mandarin) while i was in primary school. 

Since I am now @ home, so i ran to my dad  and asked him - what is the meaning of my name. He said: "Em....No meaning!" [What? my name is meaningless? -_-"] "The time you were born - I was looking for a name started with MAR since your sister named as Mary and I came across this name MARLENE, and think it sounds nice!" [ok, at least because it sounds nice :p]

So, i decided to do some research about my name! Marlene Lo! And I know I will not find this name in the Bible, although it is so called Christian name :) 

This is what i found in a book @ a christian bookstore yesterday.

I will memorise this scripture and remind myself that GOD IS MY REFUGE and my ENEMIES can NEVER reach me!

Oh.. my godfather, Uncle Lau always reminded me that my surname is very special because before Jesus left, He said "And Lo (my surname, my surname!) I am with you always, even to the end of the age." Amen. *Matthew 28:20b

Yay! It is not too late to discover the meaning of my name. What is yours? :)

God bless you abundantly :)


Juanita said...

I have been told my name means 'gift of God'. I think that is a great meaning and that my parents felt I was a gift (maybe not ALL the time *he-he*)

Kurtis said...

Marlene, that is wonderful!

My name (Kurtis) means courteous or polite and is a variant of Curtis. The Spanish Explorer and Adventurer Cortez who Conquered the Aztec Civilization of Mexico had the Spanish equivalent of my name.

Shera said...

your dad is so cute ^^ my name means loyalty. I'm blessed with a mum who plans our names well. Marcus means warrior of God and Joanna means gift from God. Also our inital alphabet is decending from eldest to youngest because "the first shall be the last and the last shall be the first"

Shera said...

However, my chinese has no meaning to. My dad got the idea because he was acting in a drama with a daughter named Jie Ling. So he used it to name his own child after that since it sounded nice. Hehehe.

boyboy said...


iansalang said...

Ian means God's Gracious Gift!

So therefore, I live my life to the fullest! Daily...