Wednesday, July 22, 2009

24 hours / 24小时

Monday | 20 July | 6:30pm
Yung 的farewell BBQ

Ah Yung in ACTION :D Kaka 做了超好吃的蛋糕!

师傅& ah yung, TD & Ah Yung 的和照

吃完,哭完(ah yung lah) 就来全体照

All the guys

All the girls (i mean... sisters)
Teachers + 师傅 with Ah Yung

我们离开以后,.... 家进贼了BREAK IN!!!!!!... 看有多乱!
Tuesday | 21 July | 2:00pm
Living Room and guest room


Master bedroom


Living room and all doors condition :(

上帝啊!好dramatic 哦!
Oh ya! Thank God.
because of this break in - we found the love letter our sister wrote to brother-in-law. 很肉麻!hee hee hee :p Da jie, don't blame us :p they throw on the floor!


山猫 said...

aiyoh the thiefs so thorough! they selonggar EVERY drawer EVERY shelf... gosh, thank God nothing important was lost (most important is the love letter not lost) and no one was hurt... :)

Juanita said...

I am so sorry you had that break-in. how terrible to have someone go through your personal things and take what they like. I hope you bounce back

MsJessy said...

Sorry to hear about the break in. Luckily no one was hurt... they really went through everything in the house...must have taken u alot of time to clean the mess up- Yan