Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thank you Michelle

I received another gift and card from Michelle Teo. Michelle ah Michelle, you have been too nice to me :'( Thank you!!!!!!

According to Michelle, this is the latest Hillsong album which released last week! Faith + Hope + Love! Woohoo! I think i might be the 1st person in Miri who has this album :) Michelle and siblings involved in the recording as well :D Check on this post by Michelle :)

Btw, your card is really really really nice loh :) I love it :) It is in my "safety box" and will display on wall when i have my own "gallery" :)

Thank you Michelle.
Oops Jason, no worry.. i will share the music with you :)


Rachfaith said...

wow! u r lucky to hav got sent a Hillsong dvd!!!

marlene said...

Ya Ya Ya! I thank God for this :)