Sunday, July 26, 2009

Funny Dream

I was asking around friends in Miri about the price and place to cut my hair these few days. I plan to cut it (not too) short but remove the curly part (cause it is too messy and the weather is too hot!) Like what my brother said: My hair looks so similar with the begger near by our place....

Last night - we talked about this for quite sometime :) Where to cut - Wu Ming Fa, Kelvin Saloon, Pujut 5.... Shu said: Layer. Bar said:keep it lah.

Well, 日有所思,夜有所梦... I even dream about this~!

Here comes my funny dream.... Td and I went to a saloon together with my teddy bear, Xiao Zhong. Td and I were popet-popeting and out of sudden, I was surprised to see my Xiao Zhong permed his hair! Hahahaha! When he reached home, his girlfriend, Xiao Bai get shocked and "has no eyes to see him" :D He became so girl-y! Beh Tahan!

Cute dream huh~

I did share this dream with Khai Soon this morning! Hahaha! Funny!


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Rachfaith said...

your pic is so cute!
how did u make your xiao bai cover the eyes?

marlene said...

magnetic de ma :)

山猫 said...

lol so cute... where'd you get that little wig for Brownie? ... hahaha it's such an interesting photo made one feels like printing it out to postcard size, frame it up and put in on an office desk... that should make everyone's busy day so much bearable!