Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another sleepless night

It was yesterday, 11pm, when i started make my 1st card. I guided Tomaytoe to make 2 cards. one birthday card for her "colleague" (of her part time job) and one is for her boy friend who is going to sit for exam this Thursday. This is really another one-to-one workshop :)

However, due to time consuming (it was around 11pm), I guided her to make some simple cards - which i done before. Just let her experiencing cuttlebug and hot stamping :)

Tomayto with her 1st card and my teddy bear - Xiao Zhong - who is so excited whole night and kept disturbing us making cards :)

Birthday card for her colleague.

Card for her boy friend

I will post about the card i made after this :) I quite like the card i made though :)

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Rachfaith said...

sleepless again?
r u thinking about me =P