Friday, July 24, 2009

All the best, Ah Yung

Just came back from airport. Sent Ah Yung off. He is flying to Kuala Lumpur today for his further studies. I saw some students "escape" from class (perhaps with Teacher's permission) to send him off. Wow,.. it was a touching "farewell".

Friends for a secondary school.. opposite "castle" came for surprise.

Guys with Yung

Gals with yung

Non-secondary school friends :)

Hugs before departure. Arggg.. sorry for didn't take all photos

Sending him off. Scenery outside departure hall :)

Yung.. no worry... KL and Miri is JUST 2 hours flight! We will keep you in prayer! Jia you! ok?

Ops... girls crying after he went into departure hall :p

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||αн yuиɢ || said...

hmm , thanks for morning go sent me narh !! TT reli full of bu she de when going the terminal ! hiahx !! thx for the card .. thx for the time .. thx for everytings TT !! miss you all !! now currently online and reply coment in hotel ! full of boring !! haih !!