Monday, July 20, 2009

A farewell gift for Ah Yung

I met Ah Yung through JB's blog. He is a youth who is very caring and well... recently he is addicted in FACEBOOK! We spent time making cards together, sharing about life experiences and he is a youth who listened when i talk.

Ah Yung is not a christian but he went to church with JB since few months ago. He is leaving us to Kuala Lumpur for his further studies this friday and tonight we will have a farewell party for him.

I bought him a bible but I want this bible to be a very special bible. Therefore, i made a simple cover for him. I used the left over cloth to make a card and decorated the paper bag. He shall get this tonight :)

Besides the gift, we spent 3 days gathered Yung's friends and teachers to say few words for him. I recorded them and will published in 3 different categories below :) Teachers, Friends and NG part :) Hope you enjoy the video but all in mandarin language.

Part A: Teachers

Part B: Friends


丁华庆 said...


||αн yuиɢ || said...

【 师傅 】

谢谢你们为我准备的一切!我被你们准备的东西感动了 =)


虽然说了很多的谢谢 , 可是我还是要谢谢! 哈哈!

还有其他的人 :D 也很感激你们! 你们辛苦了!

祝你们有个美梦! 晚安!


Juanita said...

What a beautiful and thoughtful gift. You have put so much effort into this, he will cherish it and always remember you! How could you forget someone that put so much love into a gift....

||αн yuиɢ || said...

haha !! shih fuu 1! :D see see !! lalala !! blerkk !!

Shera said...

wow.... very touching gift and video.... hope one day ah yung can join our big family too ^^