Friday, October 30, 2009

Wedding Invitation cards design

Based on the mood board proposed, I prepared 2 invitation cards design for my client :)
Card 1:
Open Size: 28cmx 16cm
Close Size: 14 x 16cm
With ivory envelope.

Design 2:
Size: 14cm x 17cm

Hope she will like it :)

Revised invitation card (due to budget)
1 piece, front and back :) based on design 2 idea :)


Juanita said...

These are both so beautiful.
So much work has gone into these, it would be hard to choose which one to go with.

Jill said...

Love the 2nd design! :) But with so many layers etc the cost should be pretty high?

Erica said...

Hi Marlene,

These are just beautiful and elegant. I am sure you client will like them. Don't be nervous. They are winners. Isn't God good to give you double what you asked Him for in prayer?
Thank you for asking about my health a few days ago. Time goes fast. Maybe it was a few weeks. I am well. I take my medicines, vitamins, get some exercise and stay in tune with Our Lord.
God Bless You.

Cols said...

love the 2nd design and the one u did in the end! lovely!!

josephsasa Chan said...

very nice design!