Friday, May 29, 2009

Piasau Boat Club - funny things :)

I sesat few times when i drove to Piasau Boat Club today! I ter-enter Lot 100 twice :( Lauya me!
Something funny happened today :)

TD, TD2 and me went "walking" today! I didn't notice that I have to reverse park my car so i parked "the other way" loh! (My car, the Myvi)
Mana tahu after we jalan-jalan, we received a "summon" (just a note) @ our car!
It was written: "We all reverse park at Piasau Boat Club"
Adui! So pai say but so fun! I saw the notice - only when i left Piasau Boat Club :)

Pray for me! I have to do a 3000 words essay about ME by tonight! Tomorrow - will make some cards :)


TOMATO said...

zha dao..hahaha

ian said...

Cards! Cards! Cards! woo hoo!

山猫 said...

ha? why must reverse park?

Vivienne Yuan said...

wo ...lai ....le ...5555555555555555555555555555555

wahlau said...

yaloh, why must reverse park ler?

marlene said...

something FUN kua :D