Friday, October 30, 2009

Amazing God

I was very sad and down last night due to some reasons and I prayed to God, I said: God, I am weak. Please show me miracles; show me Your way, and show me that You really care... PLEASE!!!!

And today, God sent me few surprises!!!

1. Managed to talk to daddy and understand what is in His mind :) Praise God and will continue to ask God to bless and guide my daddy in whatever he is doing.

2. My Parcel from twopeasinabucket arrived! Woohoo! I got new toys! New stamps! Aha.. These are my new toys but they are not 100% new products! The parcel today mainly my Basic Grey papers! Woohoooo~
3. Fruits all the way from Long Lama! Thanks brother Ling and Wow.. he even wrote my name on the Durian! :D Marcus will love it, i believe :)
4. Langsat from PT! Wow! I never love langsat till my brother brought back some yummy langsat from Lawas and i am in love with this fruit. Today, i can enjoy it agin :)
Amazing day ... kan?


Rachfaith said...

irresistable!!!! I mean durians!! But how come Marcus will love it when it's your name on it? hahahah!

marlene said...

cause i think is the type marcus loves :) However.... daddy was the one who loves the most! haha.. is DADDY's type of durian :D