Sunday, October 18, 2009

Great sharing....

Today will be the last day of our church's mission conference. I love the way Rev Ajith Fernando shares the sermon and his story and i think God spoke to me through him for the past 3 nights :)
Let me share about his sharing (generally).
Main Theme: Mission and Suffering

Day 1: Acts 4:23-31

When peter & John is in suffering - they go to friends.
Life changed when met a friend.
Sometime hurt is a blessing.
1st thing after sharing is to Pray

A. Praying in Unity
B. Reflecting on Sovereignty
C. Prioritizing Obedience
D. Requesting for Intervention
E. Receiving God's Affirmation

Don't be afraid to obedient.
The only thing to fear is disobedient.

Day 2: Isaiah 53

The Holiness of God
1. Sovereignty
2. Greatness
1. Causing
Respect and Awe
2. Humility
3. Service & Worship
God's glory is EVERYWHERE!
3. Purity
1. Causing
4. Forgiving Sin
5. Commissioning

If i ask God what can i do and God answered, would i go and obey?

Day 3:
Just the main points on how can we involve in the Great Mission.
1. Fresh IDEA.
2. Martyrdom
3. Witness
4. Unique Vessels
5. Obediently leaving comfortable
6. The ministry of encouragement
7. Side supporters
8. Unknown pioneers
9. Giving to Missions
10. Intercessory Prayer
11. Releasing the Best
12. Sending missionaries
13. Going as missionaries

Am i ready?

Took a group photo with Rev Ajith Fernando with 2tds :)
and the missionary that shared yesterday night, Pastor Akeu Poe Mya from Thailand and his daughter, Nim :)
Gonna sleep now. The sermon is still very fresh in my mind....

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