Friday, October 30, 2009


Since Dr Chua's birthday, i think i am in love with "creative cupcakes". Feel like going for some bakery class to learn some basic baking :) I know i know... cakes are fattening but.. who cares :p hee hee.

Ha! I am in love in Pink [joking] :) Here comes my cupcake cards in PINK and BROWN, and BLUE and BROWN. To be honest, I love these 2 colours combination :) Brown - beautiful colour, right? :)

Oh ya! I bought the 3D cupcakes from POPULAR BOOKSTORE. it is made in Korea and it is NICE and SWEET :) [ of course i didn't taste the sticker lah~]


Sheerah said...

OMG.... spotted the same sticker and had the exact same idea to use it like this >.<

Juanita said...

These are great. It is better to make cards with cupcakes instead of cupcakes!