Saturday, October 03, 2009

Another Card Making Group @ KEC, SIB, Miri

Another card making group this afternoon @ KEC, SIB church, Miri. I prepared this card (the idea was inspired by SU SS2009 catalogue) for them. Well, for this workshop, they can have the chance of doing die cutting and embossing using my Big Shot. I hope they like the workshop though.

Look at this, they are really really new in card making.
Never expect to have kids :p Else will prepare card for kids.
Everyone's card is unique.
The group :)
Someone spoilt my paper-piercing template :( Ah.... hope can get a new one though :( Where can i get this in Malaysia :(

Have a great day and Happy Mid Autumn Festival for all the Chinese :)


Sheerah said...

i wana play~~~!!!! i miss cuttle bug and big shot~~!!!!

honeybee916 said...

mine the share pics of ur big shot? how much is tat? am interested

Anonymous said...

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