Sunday, October 25, 2009

Handmade Wedding Planner for Huijin

I forgot how come this book - the knot ultimate wedding planner - appeared in my box. Since it is nicely wrap, i believe is my own book :) I donno why i need this book but now i know :) Is to prepare a gift for Hui Jin, the td2 :)

Today is TD2's birthday and i know she is really busy in preparing her wedding - but sometime she doesn't know where to start. So, i browsed through this book, and picked up the main points (still ended 90 pages though.... ) and layout them into a 9.5cm x 17cm organizer insert. It took me few days to do so :(
Here comes the handmade wedding planner. I hope she will like it.
Quite thick :p

I quite like this page though.... in case of emergency....

The cover is from MUJI. But the size is too big.. so i "trimmed" it... so it becomes cacat already.. :(

For the PDF file, please click here to download. It fits 9.5cm x 17cm organizer inserts only.

Happy Birthday, Huijin :)


Juanita said...

What a fabulous gift this is. You put so much thought and effort into the gifts you make for your friends. I am sure she will treasure it.

Rachfaith said...

very nice!

are u getting married too? thats why u got planner book bought =P

liya said...

lurvely! what a great idea. I'm sure she'll love it:)

Agnes Sim said...

OMG!!It's so lovely le...I want!!! :p

Liza Yon said...

wow!!! awesome and i love the idea, what a sweet gift for a bride to be.