Thursday, October 01, 2009

Bookmark workshop @ Beijing

December 20, 2007. Winter. Beijing

I visited the street kids center again with my very limited mini punches. I wasn't into card making that time and trying to design some bookmarks using the mini punches that i have. This is the one and only "bookmarks workshop" @ this street kids centre. Wen with Joyce, Christina, Karen, Fionna and Terence.
Fionna with a kid. I love the bookmark made by this kid.
Christina :D

Terence, a very nice brother.
Look at their bookmarks..
Ya i know i was skinnier that time :) and i wear t-shirt during winter time :p

Today is China National Day and wanna say a prayer for my friends in China.
Street kids, Marlene Jie Jie is missing you all today. JIA YOU!
(photos from Karen)

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