Friday, October 09, 2009

Woohoo~ My 1st Birthday Present for this year!

Ya... 6:30pm and I am still @ office :) well, today is really a tiring day but very happy though :)
God knows i am busy and he sent me an angel just now - sending me my 1st birthday present for this year! This present is from Sheerah! Woohoo! The Ultimate Starbucks and it is in Brown colour :p (of course .. coffee colour!) I LOVE IT I LOVE IT! Thank you Sheerah! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!! i love the card, i love the shirt and i love the packaging too! Woohooo~~~~~~ I JUST LOVIN IT! :D Thanks sis!
Sorry for my poor photography quality, i just can't wait to post this :)

OH! She gave me a super cute Doraemon mooncake too and it is chocolate Oreo Almond flavour! Woohhoooooooooooo! THANK YOU!
Suppose to go for a drama.. but.. too bad... too busy today :) Sorry to the kid that i promised to go. Well, he didn't even recall who am i when i apology to him. hahahha.

God,.. thank you for your grace and mercy :) Thanks for sending me present and even postcards today! Very happy! Thanks Juwene and Sie Ai. Wow.. been ages no letter to receive! You melt me though :) Thanks!


Agnes Sim said...

wow..i like the card too... ;-) y u take photo together with shera de? she is not in KL meh? and when is ur bday?? hehe

marlene said...

She came back yesterday to celebrate her grandma's birthday and she will go back this sunday! She sent me the present loh! So happy! So happy!