Monday, August 31, 2009

Card Without Sharp Corner

Today is not the right day to make card.... although it is a holiday
I spent hours and created some not-too-nice cards
which I am not going to post them in my blog :p

However, an hour after
I started to make another card for a special friend in church.
I told myself - I am going to make a non-standard card for him
- Card for a man but with touch of pink, No square, No corner, No limit
- and this card is going to match my present (packaging) in the end.

I quite like the outcome though
and I hope he will like it too :)
Enough blogging for today
Time to rest ... again :)
Gonna complete one of my books before i pass it on to "my kid" :)

Tomorrow.. is September...
perhaps... it is time to start my calendar design....


Juanita said...

That is a FAbulous card. I really love it. The really neat thing about cardmaking, is we can coordinate our gift to our card. Super work Marlene!

Savitri said...

This is so nice!!! Great cards! The round card is too cute!!

Maria Jesus said...

it's a ver nice card Marlene :)

have a very nice day :)