Sunday, August 02, 2009


I have to say, God is really good to me. I received a cd from Kuo Sing (td2's boyfriend) via td2 and as usual, i played the CD in the car - for 1st preview and will continue enjoy the CD at home.

What i did this time was - i read all the lyrics before i play the CD and i select the songs that i want to enjoy. When i opened the CD, i read the songs flow. Oh no! The songs flow seems nicely arranged for me. Take my heart captive - Unsearchable - Lean on the Everlasting Arms - Broken into Beautiful - Sacred Place - Jesus I am Resting Resting - My Lips will sing!

I failed to get any lyrics from internet but would love to share 2 of the songs -

Take My heart Captive

My heart is filled with pain
This is a desperate plea
For healing from this hurt
Rescue me, rescue me
At times I doubt your grace
When grace is what I need
You know I'm prone to run
But please, don't set me free
Take my heart captive
Wrap me in mercy
Bind me to forgiveness where I;m safe
Tame my heart captive
Hold me with goodness
There's no other hope
no other way
Take my heart captive
Take my heart captive
I cover up the ear
I say that I'm just fine
But I am running scared
All the time
all the time
Yet every one and then
I glimpse how it could be
If I would simply rest
And trust your love for me
If there's one thing I know
Deep in my soul
It's that you're the only rescue that I need


Lord I know that your grace is sufficient for me
I know I am held by our love
And You're there when I call
You are strong when I'm weak
You delight over me from above
And You stir up a hunger that I cant explain
To know all the mystery of You that remains
Unsearchable greatness
Unsearchable wisdom
Unsearchable mercy to me
I am lost in the wonder of all that I know
Knowing there's much more to see
Cause you are unsearchable
You are unsearchable
Lord I boast in Your glory that humbles the stars
Your name has such power and might
And Your goodness and kindness have captured my heart
Your Word keeps giving me life
Hear the voice of all creation
crying out

Td, thanks for Ice Kacang. Td2, thanks for pomelo as well