Tuesday, August 25, 2009

爱心小站 (五) Love Station 5

永嘉建议在教会里做一个广告, 来呼吁大家来使用爱心小站

谢谢瑞笛和Boy Boy拔刀相助!
用相机拍的,所以效果不太好 :)
而且不小心delete 了一些好的scene.. :(
wow, “今天"早上会和凯顺, Amy, Boy Boy和Fionna一起吃早餐,然后他们会来我的家一起做爱心小站的卡片哦!而且Fionna 说这个星期她会一起去教会哦!很期待!


Rachfaith said...

Ruidi and that "boy boy" very cute! haha!
excellent video!

I hope God will bless your effort!
Add oil yo!

marlene said...

hello! Try to online just now but din c u :) my kids are interested in contributing cards to this station! Happy! But hope the quality is there la... K! Rest! Will go roti canai with them later!

Michelle T. said...

Nice one!! Love the message. "Don't chin chai chin chai 滥用“.. haha..

Rachfaith said...

i went on, n then u went off = ='''
Went to Tauranga and visit Ling Ai lor...n then see how the early childcare centre is...

R said...


marlene said...

Thank you R for 校对 :p