Friday, August 07, 2009


Yes, Reserved signage.

I made these signage for JB, the tauke who owns a cafe. I saw him using a not too-pro handwritten signage in his clean and nice cafe. (Hm.. if hand written, please get a better handwriting lah :p) Since i never buy anything for his cafe before, so i made these for him. The outcome is not too nicely done (some stitches ran out of place) but I hope these are useful.

I played with pastel colours with brown. His cafe is mainly in white with pastel colours. Touch of green will look nice i think. Hopefully he can use this more often (more people reserve the seat meaning better business loh!)


Shera said...

wu~~~~ nice!!!............ cant tell the stitches are out of place ler ^^

||αн yuиɢ || said...

[ marlene shih fu ]

wao ? tis is the card u told me tat time ? hiak hiak i saw it niaw !! preety sia ! XD wait i go back i wanna use it hoho !!

marlene said...

See from far - flower red red
See closer - flower bad bad :p

some cacat place - but is ok lah... 不能救了 :p

Yung, i told you about this before meh? oh.. i bought the material long time ago but no xxxx and no xxxx to do ma. So. now completed liao oh. I think i should do some for my median labs :D Creative Director, Managing Director, whatever lah :D

Juanita said...

those are fantastic little signs. You have a real talent for seeing a need around you. I am sure he did not even know he needed nicer signs!