Monday, August 03, 2009

Median Labs update (Step 2)

Few months ago, my business partner Ian Salang, my dad and I registered a company. We name this baby: Median Labs Sdn Bhd. We do creative photography, creative videography and creative graphic design :) This is our company's logo :)

I like this phrase, it sounds like our company's principle as well :)

God works, therefore we work.
God creates, therefore we create.
In all things do it as to the Lord.

Ok! Who do we have in the team?
Ian Salang - director
Marlene Lo (me) - director
Lo Soon Ngian - director
Nick Lim - photographer - 1st full time staff
Rachel Bulan - trainee - videographer
djohan yung - photographer
(sorry for the poor quality of this photo - taken using my phone :p)
Last friday, we painted the interior of the office and today we proceed to step 2 - to add on a logo on our big glass. Here comes our frosted logo on our glass :)

This is our receptionist area. Hm.. I will add on another logo (colourful logo) and few posters on wall :) Minimum expenses in renovation!
The office is so clean today :) Oops.. not to mention "my table" :p
My laptop and wacom :) This is what a designer needs :p

It takes time to put on our huge logo - need to paint the exterior. Ah... it takes time :(


丁华庆 said...

OMG!mac pro! big size wording sticker...

Agnes Sim said...

wow...i like ur company logo..and the big size wording sticker. nice deco~

||αн yuиɢ || said...

waoo !! hahaha !! :D greats !!

liya said...

would love to see your up and coming works:)

Shera said...

nice! nice! NICE!!! all the best :)

marlene said...

The real things not that obvious... cause i have dark glass :) But... more and more coming out loh :)

Juanita said...

Best wishes on your business. I love the company logo, it shows you to be skilled with clean lines and colors!
God will bless your venture.

Eve said...

nice & colourful biz card! everything is nice!

job said...