Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy National Day, Malaysia

This is the 1st time i spend my Merdeka day @ Miri, Malaysia after 12 years away from Miri. Today is Malaysia's 52th Birthday. Happy Birthday Malaysia :)

Hm... suddenly thought of this "quiz" on How Malaysian you are :) Try this if you are Malaysian and perhaps you can check your score in the end of this.

1. National Instant Noodle:_________
2. National Excuse for Hair Loss:________
3. National Breakfast:________
4. National Excuse for Being Late:________
5. National Fake illness for getting MC (women):________
6. National Brand for air-con:________
7. National Cure for headache:________
8. National Cure for Dizziness:________
9. National Supper:________
10. National Fruit for inducing menstruation:________

1. Maggie Mee
2. Ajinomoto
3. Nasi Lemak
4. Traffic Jam
5. Menstrual Pain
6. National
7. Panadol
8. Minyak Chap Kapak
9. Roti Canai + Teh Tarik
10. Pineapple

Are you a 100% Malaysian? :)

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