Wednesday, September 09, 2009

090909 What a good day!

9 (nine) read as "JIU" in Mandarin. It means forever. 090909 - for Chinese - it means Forever and Ever and EVER! :) Imagine... lots of couples getting married today - and exchange their vow - wanna be forever lovers :) How sweet it is right? :)

God surprised me with something SWEET early in the morning as well :D God, how sweet You are :) I received some candies from Ying Pang and a very beautiful handmade card from her! This is my 1st copic card - and to be honest - i spent quite some time admiring the detail of this card! Ying Pang, thank you, thank you, thank you! I truly appreciate all the things you had done for me - praying for me (even you donno me), encouraging me and even sending surprise to me!
Ying Pang sent me some stamped images + paper flowers as well! Yippee! Finally i have my 1st Magnolia image! I hope I can colour them nicely though! 好不舍得use leh~

What a beautiful day :)


Rachfaith said...

kawaii ne~~~~~~~~

Jo-L 欣颖 said...

PP, after writing my blog abt 090909. Drop by to visit your blog, mana tahu you also ada tulis 090909.. ha ha.. 不愧是我的抱抱

PP, this card is cute.. and PP.. i wan.. :P