Friday, September 18, 2009

Card Making Workshop @ Curtin University

We arrived Curtin University at 1245pm and the card making workshop starts at one.
We supposed to walk-in GRAND-ly, but these 2 young adults... apuh! look like dipecat! (fired by boss)
I brought 4 friends with me. Jiexing, Sheerah, Calvin and Ah Yung! Amazing! Ah Yung and Calvin were kindergarden classmate before!!!!! BTW, Yung, welcome back!
Card one - Feminine card - in Lilac and Pink (hm... aha... huh... well....)
Well, i demonstrated the process of making the card.
Everyone tried out. Woo.. sweating! It took them an hour to complete their first card :)

Well, obviously everyone has different mind setting and different way of layout! Woohoo... they are so creative!
OK! End of session one! Everyone SMILE :) with their card on table!
Session two - card for men! These are the tools, materials,....
Oh ya! I used LEGO to create my own Stamp-a-ma-jing.
K, everyone 埋头苦干!
After 40 mins... taaaadaaaah! everyone completed their card!
See, so different hor~ I love it!
I guess... everyone is happy with their cards though...

Yee Boon (lady in red, holding both cards), Thanks for the nice photos above! (Those cacat one.. hee hee.... taken by me loh :p)

It was a tiring but fun day. I am gonna sleep earlier tonight... Good night everyone :)


||αн yuиɢ || said...

[ marlene shih fu ]

hoho ! so fast update niaw ? xixi !! shih fu ! thanks u gib me the chance to having card making class gain erh ! waoo , since tat time i make for frens , i no touch at all haha !! :D so enjoy with it today muahaha !!

gonna used tis two cards i make nicely !! tehee !! :D

THANKS for ur lovely book also lerh shih fu !!

Juanita said...

You look like you are haviing a fabulous time with this class (you always look like you love sharing your art with others)