Thursday, September 17, 2009

My craft + Bedroom

I have a very very very small and old room for myself @ my hometown. I have to "divide" the space into a: Place to work b: Place to sleep (a bed) and c: Place to craft! The room is really really small! However, due to budget and "timing", i managed to re-arrange my room rather than renovate the whole room. Sharing with you my "little space" for crafting. Although this is not a nice place but i still managed to be inspired - because this place is where we call Home :) My tools are all in the big big tool boxes.
These books are all brand new and unread :) Other books? all packed in boxes and put underneath my bed :p
Bed photo? neh~... nope :p Better not :) But.. i am using AUSSINO bedsheet though :) nice one :)


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Juanita said...

When do you have time to read??

marlene said...

Juanita! :D A very good question :D Well i love reading :) I HAVE TO READ in order to improve myself :) Normally i read before i sleep or i will select a quiet time, listening to soft music, with a cup of good coffee.. and i read :)