Friday, September 04, 2009

Yippee Yay Yay!

Our God is really a loving God :) Since 1 September, my prayer to God is to fill my heart with joy and no matter what trouble I faced, I could sing for His love and mercy, and trust Him alone. And I realised our God father, prepared surprises for me everyday and though all these surprises, He makes me realised: What I like the most? Where is my passion? Where is my heart? Who I like to spend time with? What makes me feel complete? What makes me feel down? What makes me feel happy?

I received my parcel from twopeasinabucket today! I made my order on 26 August and it reached me today - within 10 days time! Amazing! I am so happy with my new toys (although it might be old for most of you). I am going to make some special christmas cards using the new stamps and papers that I bought! I like the angel stamp that i bought! It is very nice :) I am lov'in it though :)



Agnes Sim said... nice le!!!

Michelle T. said...

I got the Technique tuesday's stamp set as well. :D all the pattern papers are sooo cute right..

Khai Soon said...

Shi fu.. gt a chong dong make me wanna go ur house to make card e.. :)

marlene said...

Set a date, set a time, COME! You know you are always THE MOST WELCOME in my house de :)

Juanita said...

That is very fast shipping! I am glad you are happy with your new toys. I can't wait to see what you make with them

||αн yuиɢ || said...

[ marlene shih fu ]

waoo .. tis is ur present ytd ?? hahaha !! not bad erhh .. damn nice :D woots