Saturday, September 12, 2009

What a beautiful HOT day!


I was busy designing a booklet for my church and it is really hot today. (i mean the weather) This actually effects my mood in designing. However,... out of sudden i received a call from Sheerah saying my stamps arrived! Yippee! I drove all the way to her house (not too far though) to collect my toys! I was so excited when i saw.. More than just stamps in the paper bag given by her! She gave me new thinggy again!!!!

She handmade this box using my favourite mixture of colours - Brown, Blue and Ivory! And ... even with my name on it! THANK YOU SHEERAH! Your box is so much nicer than those in the market!
Look at these papers - all handmade by her!
Look at these buttons and strings. Alamak.. so lovely leh! I really love the button - which looks like stone! Woohoo.. so MAN! :) I am going to use this button for a very special card for a very special man! Alah.. my God father lah! :)
These are my stamps. Mostly for Christmas and church love station. I don't have stamps in chinese bible verse. Woohoo! I am lov'in it!

OK. time to continue my booklet design! :)


Liza Yon said...

what!!! I am so jealous!!! The Idul Fitri stamp would be nice to have for this part of the world and I definitely NEED some Bible verses stamps too.

Juanita said...

Great stamps!
she crafted a lovely box for you, too.

Ying Pang, said...

oh...Marlene, you are rock !! you can design stamps...I want all the bible verses stamps, how do you charge?? you print out from computer then ask the shop to make for you ?

Thank you for your nice comments about my card, glad that you like it...can't wait what you will come out with magnolia stamped image?


marlene said...

Ying Pang :) I just send the JPEG files to the shop (in black and white) that make stamps and they will produce for you. I don't charge :) If you want, i can email you whatever i did :) Well, as long as you use it and lets spread the love of God with others! But,.. the size of my stamps normally goes with my punch :)

Alice said...

Hi Marlene,

How much do they charge for the stamps ?