Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Busy Wednesday

I couldn't wake up early in the morning. I think...because I hardly rest well last night. However, due to some repair works @ home, I have to work from home today (something happy though) and reject all the invitation/appointment of the day. (I feel bad though)

Chun Sian came to my house in the afternoon to make some cards for his grandma. His grandma wanna send out some Thank you cards to friends who prayed for her husband when he was sick :) So sweet :)
Sheerah is really cute :D She "try" to have same hairstyle as Chun Sian :D Hahahahaha!
Chun Sian, you look the same with and without the wig lah~
Ok! A real group photo :)
This is the shortest workshop though :) It takes less than an hour to complete 24 cards :) Great Job, Chun Sian :)

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Juanita said...

Nice cards.
Why did you not try on the wig??