Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Orang Tua Gathering - Food and Movie

Let me introduce Orang Tua group :)
Orang Tua group formed few months ago - and it was supposed to be "FOOD MINISTRY" :p Well, we eat when we meet up though :p

The group leader: Change every week :p
Members: JB the Tauke, Tiger the pastor, TD the nutritionist, TD2 the dentist and me- the chubby :)

Today we met @ Pizza hut and i think everyone enjoyed the fellowship :) at least i did. Kevin is the only "young kid" that joint us accidentally. Hope he enjoyed the orang tua conversation too :) Well, The salad - ok lah :p i think can be "taller" :) The tray: OK lah.. CLEAN enough (we really Tham Jiak!)
After the dinner we went for a movie with Xue Yun Teacher- 吓到笑. To be honest, I don't really enjoy this movie. Sometime ter-吓!Alamak! Well, ya..., it is funny but just not my type of movie + sudden headache .. adui! But i enjoyed the Cold Joke in this movie :) At least i learn something new though :p
Look at them - already ter-吓!hahahaha
Oh ya, received another Redondo today :) So Ngam i finished my redondo yesterday :p Thank you Hupa.

Well, Sheerah introduced a movie to me and the triller itself touched me! I hope Malaysia will show this movie and i will definitely go and watch loh - despite the lauya cinema in Miri :p Here comes the trailler - Hachiko: A Dog's Tale


||αн yuиɢ || said...

[ marlene shih fu ]

waoo , once i see the wrods " ORANG TUA "

mine brains terus got few ppl image coming out !! for first same is hui gor !! :D becoz he owns saying himself is " lao ren " haha !!

dhen follow coming out also tat u meansure in there too !! tehee !! :D lalala !!

marlene said...

oi! hahahaha! mana ada!

||αн yuиɢ || said...

[ marlene shih fu ]

lolx .. wad reason for will tak ada XD