Saturday, September 12, 2009

Take a break!

Sharing with you on what i read from reader's digest last night :)
Sign selected by Doug Lansky, editor of
Photo: Tim Bentinck
Location: Holkham Beach, Nortolk, Englind.
A man says to a friend, "My wife is on a three-week diet."
"Oh yeah? How much has she lost so far?"
"Two weeks."
Doctor: "Have you taken my advice and slept with the window open?"
Patient: "Yes."
Doctor: "So your asthma disappeared completely?"
Patient: "No, but my watch, TV, ipod and laptop have."
Ok. These are from my books :) [2 different books]

Ah Beng was with his American and English friends at a bar in new York.
The bartender asks: "What would you like sir?"
The American replied: "Johhie Walker, Single."
The Englishman replied: "Jack Daniels, Single."
The bartender approaches Ah Beng and asks,: "And what about you, Sir?"
Ah Beng replies: "Tan Ah Beng, Married."
Ah beng went to the movies with 18 of his friends. The ticket officer asked Ah Beng:
"How many tickets would you like to have?"
Ah Beng replied,: "18 please"
The ticket officer was very surprised and said: " Wow! you must have a lot of friends."
Ah Beng replied, "Nolah, Because here say Under 18 cannot go in mah..."
Chinglish :)
Have FUN :)

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