Monday, September 14, 2009

I love My Cards!

I love my cards! Let me say this again... I LOVE MY CARDS! :p
I made this card to a very good looking young guy (He is a kid 4me actually) whose birthday is today! He loves reading... that's why i added a bookmark for him (actually is not my idea though) Hm... i personally like this card oh! 有点舍不得送出去 :p

Actually before the above card, my challenge of the night is Black and White + Stripe ribbon (in Black and White too) I made 3 cards based on this challenge :) I like the ribbon though :)
OK. Christmas card again :) i accidentally saw a card by Lisa T though and i am in love with the christmas card in lilac! This is just so beautiful! I "imitate" the idea (colours mix and match) and came out with my cards! I added stitches and.. well... using my own designed stamp :)
Oh No! It is 2:30am! Time to go to bed! I just couldn't stop making cards just now :D I was so inspired and so motivated! Woohoo~ Sweet dream, Marlene. Ops,. Sweet dream, everyone :)


Belinda said...

Love these! Man, I'm starting to wish I had gotten Earth Love. :)

I actually had a question for you. I was wondering if you'd be willing to share your Chinese Verses stamps graphics. :) I'd love to use it for my Chinese church here (and for the one my parents go to as well). Thanks!

Sh@z said...

Si fu, I love your cards too!!!

Sheerah said...

me too! me too! they are awesome...~~~

marlene said...

Belinda! I love to share! Give me your email address and i email you the artwork :)

Mazel said...

Love it! Especially the black & white christmas card.

Juanita said...

You should love these, they are all so wonderful. I really like the round card (i am a sucker for a matching card and gift)
But they are all super.

Agnes Sim said... bday is 14.09 too...:p
I love your cards so much!!! u really got lot of ideas on cards. I Salute you!! hehe

Agnes Sim said...

marlene, i got your card. really so surprise!! :p
Thanks a lot!! ^_^

Lisa Trombitas - said...

Marlene, you do such beautiful work! I scrolled around a bit and really like the 'graphical' look to your cards. Glad you like my Christmas card - your turned out super. I love the detail on your ornament - it's so elegant.


honeybee916 said...

wow....very nice artwork you have...u print them? or stamp?? all very nice!