Monday, September 07, 2009

Whimsical Jar Swap

After all the TROUBLES (Adui~ Sing Yee, 辛苦你了!) FINALLY this Whimsical Jar reached her! This Whimsical Jar Swap organized by Kelly. I prepared a Whimsical Jar to Sing yee who is a crafter as well. :) Wow, her master pieces are so nice! And she is a medical student?!!!! (my guess from the address) Oh ya, I received my jar from Agnes Sim last month and I am really happy that this jar finally reach Sing Yee! Phew~ :)

One of the rules of this game is: We have to prepare things that she/he needs in crafting. Well, she is more to fabric, toys and small accessories, therefore i prepared things like buttons and ribbons for her. I hope she likes my jar though :) It is not easy to get nice crafty items in Sarawak, I hope she 不嫌弃my jar :)


Sing Yee said...

Hehe... I'm studying pharmacy actually. :P Final year now. I LOVE the ribbons and buttons! I'm already planning in my head what to make with them. :P

Thanks so much for everything! :D

Agnes Sim said...

sing yee, u r so lucky, got so many crafting material. hehe...
marlene, i like buttons n ribbons. :p
simple and nice jar!! :p