Monday, September 28, 2009

Bakun Mission Trip

I just came back from a Mission Trip with another 21 brothers and sisters. Well, I don't have much photos to share but will upload more when i get those photos from my friend, yee boon :)
That place: 很多蚊子,很多蟑螂,连失丧的灵魂也很多!

Ok. Took a group photos before departure :) 22 of us :)
Of course Makan sebelum pergi lah
This is a beautiful place. The morning scenery :)
The school we went.
They are good in singing and they enjoyed the worship very much!
Me and my little lambs :) 3 of them :) Praise God cause we are a family now :)
This is a trip that "stolen" my tears. I praise God for them. I will miss them :)

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